Our Approach

Successful Delivery

Successful implementation of the initial concept requires the flexibility to accommodate not only the demands of the planning process and the requirements of the expected purchaser profile, but also the attention to detail to the processes in between.

The way the whole solution is put together, from material selection to the choice of contractor can influence the viability, marketing and ultimate success of the finished product. To achieve this in a way that maximises financial performance requires patience, the commitment of time and the use of the most appropriate mix of in-house and consultant expertise. 

The architect is involved from the very beginning, producing conceptual drawings and schemes incorporating demanding standards from the very outset. Each development is unique with demanding challenges placed upon architects to satisfy our rigorous criteria. The appointment of the right architect is a critical factor, and where appropriate we hold design competitions based on detailed briefs to ensure that the most appropriate appointment is made.

At Groveworld we design both contemporary 'high tech' apartments and classical, luxury style properties. The contemporary style can be seen at Angel Waterside where the site and the target market demanded a more minimalist approach. The classical, luxury style is much in evidence at Canonbury Park South where some of the villas created by Groveworld were immediately established as 'modern classics'.

Project Management
The project management team is involved in every aspect of the development process from the pre-planning stage right through to handing over the keys to the tenant or purchaser. The same individuals deal with a development all the way through which enables them to maximise development potential at each stage. This is important when, say, initial design stage decisions to maximise square meterage might have a detrimental knock on effect in the construction or sales stages.