Our approach

Unlocking potential

No two property propositions are the same; each site presents its own problems and opportunities. The diverse requirements of planners, local residents and the target market, each pulling development plans in a different direction, make London property development particularly challenging.

Our skill in satisfying these conflicting demands has been proven on developments to date. The team is careful to concentrate on areas where the ability to focus on the needs of the local market and planning authority provides a commercial advantage. 

Land Aquisitions
Land is acquired through extensive local knowledge as well as liaison with agents. We specialise in situations which are more challenging and involve difficulties which may deter others but where we have seen the potential to exploit opportunities through the application of our expertise and skill. Site acquisitions where we feel the potential has already been fully exploited, are avoided.

Planning expertise
We pride ourselves on our planning skills and ability to work closely with planning authorities. We strive hard to ensure our developments are supported by the planners as benefiting the community whilst, at the same time, satisfying the commercial demands required to make a development successful.

Transactional diversity
At Groveworld we have a record of great transactional diversity. We have acquired prime sites in Central London with total project values in excess of £150m but are still comfortable with smaller sites. We continue to seek development opportunities in locations where we recognise the possibility of our contributing towards the improvement of the overall neighbouring environment. Where appropriate, deals are structured with landowners on a joint venture basis to enable them to achieve, in both their property and financial goals, a better return than would be achieved by an outright sale. In such cases we deal with all aspects of the development from planning through to construction, marketing and sales.

Commercial property
Exclusive knowledge and expertise in all sectors of the commercial property market places Groveworld in an enhanced position when seeking to extract maximum value from sites. For example, the creation of mixed use developments which include leisure, restaurant or retail space not only assists in planning negotiations, but may also be a positive sales incentive to purchasers of the residential units, whilst improving the overall profitability of the project.

Community benefits
As a successful developer specialising in urban regeneration, we at Groveworld recognise and welcome the fact that we must put back more into the community than just fine new buildings and improved environments. Over the past few years we have introduced several innovative schemes to benefit the community. These include the building of a primary school, facilitation of a college complex as well as the provision of affordable housing both for rental and shared equity sale. We have worked closely with Local Authorities to establish particular local needs, and have funded various surveys and road improvement projects.