Angel Southside
Angel Southside

From Market space
to residential living


A problematic site for the local authority, it was used for an illegal market in the early 1990’s following several aborted plans to develop a commercial scheme.


The site was brought unconditionally from the Dame Alice Owen Trust, with a planning clawback mechanism which delivered further value to the vendor.

The scheme was promoted for residential use and negotiated as a high density, mixed-use content.

During the public consultation process, an architectural competition was sought, which culminated in the selection of Chassay and Last as the scheme designer.

Scheme Overview

The development is now an Angel landmark, with its prominent curved tower dominating the approach to Angel from the City.  Angel Southside shows an ability to identify and transform a semi-drerlict site into a desirable, upmarket location.

  • A state of the art circular penthouse and 97 private apartments (no affordable housing within the scheme)
  • 44,00 sq ft Virgin Active health club commercial letting on ground floor
  • Underground car parking
  • A large overage receipt for the Trust following the successful planning application
  • The relationship with the Trust has led to two further development opportunities