Angel on the Green
Angel on the Green

From brownfield site
to green space


The site had lay derelict for years until Groveworld recognised it’s potential.  A former graveyard, the site contained an estimated 12-14,000 skeletons, which had to be removed before any construction could begin.  Furthermore the site was potentially blighted by the need to safeguard access to works for the proposed Chelsea Hackney railway line.


Groveworld brought the site unconditionally and a commercially viable solution was created which won support from planers, the rail authorities and Andersons Yard Campaign Group.

During the construction phase, once the skeletons had been removed and safely buried in a resting place outside of London, the development required the removal of 20,000 cubic metres of soil.

Scheme overview

  • Five luxury penthouses and 95 apartments on two levels
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Esporta Health club
  • Two A3 units let to La Tasca and Giraffe Café & retail unit let to
  • Investment sale of health club and A3 units/retail unit added to scheme profitability



Islington Access Awards 1999