Canonbury Park
Canonbury Park

From conservation area
to blended traditional living


The site was located in the heart of a sensitive conservation area, the new construction needed to blend in with the surrounding upmarket villas seamlessly.  In order to achieve this, established trees and shrubs were retained in order to create this detail.


Great care had to be taken to ensure that the traditional design blended into the conservation area. Furthermore the craftsmanship and attention to detail was extended to  the interiors of the building to ensure a seamless feel both outside and inside.

Scheme Overview

  • 9 houses and 25 luxury apartments
  • Success in so faithfully matching Victorian setting commended by all concerned, from planners to the press
  • Scheme won award from Civic Trust for a worthy contribution to the community
  • One home sold for almost £1m (not uncommon now but certainly a rarity in the mid-90’s)



Civic Trust Award 1998
For worthy contribution to the community


In terms of its exteriors, the development cuts new grounds in standards

Sunday Telegraph